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Mainnet launch woes for EOS

EOS mainnet suffers more delays

EOS, the ICO valued at over 4 billion dollars, suffered another delay in the expected launch of its mainnet. The date for full release of the EOS blockchain is not yet known.

Block Producer’s Veto

After a Block Producer’s vote held on June 6th, the launch event has been pushed back by at least another 24 hours. A new vote is scheduled to take place 24 hours after security firms perform an audit. If the audit does not identify any further vulnerabilities the launch will be take place. Experts however expect the outcome will be even more launch delays. All EOS tokens were frozen on June 1, just before of the official EOS network was supposed to launch. The EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) has been tasked to guarantee a secure and seamless launch ever since.

Current state and road ahead

A few days before the launch was set, it was announced that critical flaws were found in the network. EOS was aware of these flaws, and at that time most of the vulnerabilities had been already patched.

At the time, it was unclear what was meant by “most” of the bugs, and which ones were yet to be fixed. The EMLG Team has been working day and night to fix all the issues and in an official statement that say that they choose not to provide more details on the remaining vulnerabilities.

EOS also launched a Bug Bounty Campaign which immediatly took an unexpected turn as ethical hacker Guido Vranken managed to identify 8 vulnerabilities in just one day – a number which ultimately grew to 12 and earned Vranken a cool $120,000 in bug bounties.

EMLG has not committed to a precise launch date as they feel it would be irresponsible on their part. They have stated a new update is set to take place within the next 24 to 48 hours.



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