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Lisk Core 1.0 – Public Testnet launched

Lisk, the cryptocurrency for javascript dApp development which saw the light in februari 2016 as one of the best sold ICO’s ever, has announced the release of their long awaited Testnet. The past week, they have been updating the Lisk Documentation and Migration Guide to ensure that everyone is able to migrate and be aware of the changes and updates in our products.

Last week, the LiskHQ released their weekly development update . In it they announced that after 9 Beta versions Lisk Core 1.0.0 will be released to the public Testnet at block height 5,594,490. And with the current network growth speed the release is estimated to happen somewhere around 12:00 CEST on Thursday, June 28 which will mark another milestone for Lisk and its community. They also managed to test a migration from version 0.9.16 to version 1.0.0. and proactively fixed several minor issues found during the tests which affected the migration scripts.

On top of this long-awaited release, during the Lisk Amsterdam meetup, LiskHQ announced their partnership with London Blockchain Labs, the largest Blockchain student hub in the UK. This partnership once again shows that LiskHQ is continuing their mission to help make Blockchain technology available for everyone!

Lisk is a blockchain application platform whose mission is to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream through an SDK (Sidechain Development Kit) written in JavaScript, the most commonly used programming language in the world.




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