Ethereum Vyper – Beta 0.1.0 released

Vyper for Smart Contracts

Vyper, a Python like Smart Contracting language for Ethereum just released it’s first Beta version. It is in essence a totally-backwards-incompatible “[S]erpent 2.0” upgrade. The C++ codebase used in Serpent simply had too many recoding issues and just too much lacking features.

Vyper is an experimental programming language that aims for some of the following goals:

  • Security – it should be possible and natural to build secure smart contracts in Vyper.
  • Language and compiler simplicity – the language and the compiler implementation should strive to be simple.
  • Auditability – Vyper code should be maximally human-readable. Furthermore, it should be maximally difficult to write misleading code. Simplicity for the reader is more important than simplicity for the writer, and simplicity for readers with low prior experience with Vyper (and low prior experience with programming in general) is particularly important.

Vyper does NOT strive to be a 100% replacement for everything that can be done in Solidity; it will deliberately forbid things or make things harder if it deems fit to do so for the goal of increasing security. For example, Vyper does not have modifiers, class inheritance, recursive calling, operator overloading, binary fixed point, infinite-length loops.

Vitalik hopes the new language will be ready for enterprise use within a few months.



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