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EOS Mainnet Launch

Don't forget to register!

The EOS token lockdown is coming within hours – and those who forgot to register may have to wait for remedial actions from the team. The EOS project is constantly sending reminders for the completion of the process.

The Exodus wallet has also warned it would not serve as a mechanism to acquire the new tokens. Exchanges are the only platforms that would be capable to instantly credit the new balances. So if your EOS tokens are still on the exchange where you purchased them, you should be okay. It might however still be prudent to check your exchange for confirmation of this. For more info on how to register, this short video explains all you need to know!

Following the mainnet launch, EOS holders should, potentially, vote for node producers. The elections will be ongoing, without a set date, and depend on staking coins. EOS has unrolled wealth-based voting, giving more weight to larger holders. Unfortunately, the EOS voting may turn out too hard for the regular user, since the actual voting process may require command line prompts.



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