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Official: Brock Pierce Is Removed From EOS After Scandal

3/14/18 – UPDATE: EOS released a statement this morning confirming the release of Brock Pierce from


Brock Pierce was an early advisor to for several months and made significant contributions to the awareness of the EOSIO project. His past experience working with projects such as Ethereum, Blockchain Capital, and as chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation have proved immensely valuable. As we mentioned last week, we recently came to a mutual agreement that Brock would end his role at as he transitions to independent community building and investment activities. We thank Brock for his contributions, support, and continued larger than life passion for the EOSIO project. EOS.IO


3/13/18 – In a surprising turn of event Brock Pierce was remove from all EOS Youtube Videos and his name is nowhere to be found in the official EOS website.

This comes after Brock Pierce was bashed by popular TV host John Oliver from Last Week Tonight in a segment about cryptocurrency. Where the host called Brock Pierce a “douche” and mention Brock Pierce shady past by telling viewers to google “Brock Pierce Scandal”.

This led to an immediate search breakout for terms like “Brock Pierce EOS” and “EOS scandal” and a price drop which quickly brought EOS down 7%. Poking fun at Pierce’s ‘unicorn wedding’ at popular festival Burning Man.

Many users are not taking the news kindly. One user on Reddit said…

This makes me a little bit uncomfortable… Seems like they’re trying to hide something now. It’s like saying that John Oliver was somehow right regarding Brock Pierce. Not sure what to think about this.

As you can see in the official EOS Youtube channel all the videos were deleted and were recently reuploaded without Brock Pierce in them.

Brock Pierce has been one of the main speakers at every EOS event that has been hosted, there is countless videos of Brock Pierce talking about EOS on Youtube, in fact is hard to find one where his name is not mention. I myself became a huge fan of EOS thanks to Brock Pierce, I always liked the way he spoke and presented himself.

Now no official statement has been released by EOS regarding this matter. But by the looks of it and EOS have started to distance themselves from Brock Pierce to avoid damages to the brand, something we commonly see happening in big companies when a person has a negative past that becomes exposed.

We expect to hear from Dan Larimer or Brendan Blumer in the coming days regarding this matter if in fact Brock Pierce was removed from or not.

Anyways do you guys believe and EOS are right by removing Brock Pierce from the team, or do you they are being a bit harsh. Do you think is fair for people to keep bringing up the past of Brock Pierce just because he hung out with the wrong crowd when he was young? Let me know your opinion in the comments below.



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    1. I do not think Brock is a pedophile. I do think he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      1. I lean on the side of giving people the benefit of the doubt, but if you go back and look at all his statements and activities, he doesn’t act like someone who was just in the wrong place/wrong time. A normal person who found out their boss was running a child sex ring would be shocked, horrified, repudiate that person, and work on behalf of the victims to right the situation. He didn’t do any of those things. He left the country at the same time, and remained in contact with them for years, and has defended them. So while there’s no evidence of him doing anything, there’s an odd lack of what you would expect if he didn’t do anything.

  1. He fled to Spain with the other paedophile, you don’t run away if you did not do the crime, hè is a pedo and I’m not too sure about dan larimer as well, these facts are known for years. Why to have such a person in your company? I think dan and brock did some nasty stuff together. EOS goes in the books as the decentralised paedophile blockchain.

  2. gold 2.0? cause it has the same attributes? :))))
    one big mistake…
    anyone can issue new gold 2.0 tokens… whereas not anyone can issues gold coins. you get it?

    1. as for the Brock story
      I think they should be fair and come out with a clear message about all this story, like real men do.

      1. if you look at this interview…. there’s something wrong about him, there’s something not straight about him, he is not aligned, and that’s all I will say about that; everything else has to come from him. if he has guts…

        1. Well he is gay, there’s no questioning that. He’s always been that way. Not sure if that’s the thing you are thinking is “off” about him.

  3. This information has been public knowledge for YEARS. Not sure why we need to dedicate more news cycles to it.

  4. He’s just moving out of the public eye. He’s very much still involved with BlockOne as a founder. Isn’t it ironic that a company touting Blockchain and immutability tries to continually delete and revise their history? Laughable!

  5. I also started to like EOS because of Brock Pierce, Truth is, Daniel is a brigth mind, but has no real carisma or soul to truly guide EOS. Definately EOS needs more brock pierce, than Brock EOS.