Bitcoin Lightning Network Is Now Live!

Today is a huge day for Bitcoin! The first Bitcoin Lightning Network mainnet release is now live. Beta version 0.4 of the Lightning Network Daemon (LND) will allow users to send both Bitcoin and Litecoin through its experimental scaling solution.


This release is also the first release of LND that has an option to run on Bitcoin’s mainnet, with the necessary safety, security, and fault-tolerance features required for real-world, real money usage. Lightning Labs


Recently, the Lightning Network surpassed over 1,000 active nodes on the mainnet, and the achievement is believed to signify further adoption of the Lightning Network protocol. The LND beta will undoubtedly bring the Lightning Network to the hands of more users than ever before. This marks the first time that the client has Bitcoin Core support, and with the ability to send BTC and LTC, this is a significant step for the network as a whole.



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