Binance Exchange Hacked


This morning a large number of users are reporting issues with their accounts on Binance.


* Many people have logged in to find that all their altcoins were sold for BTC, and that many users also placed buy-orders for a specific coin at a price multiple times above its regular value.

* This is only effecting users who have issued API keys on their accounts.

**Current Updates:**

Binance has confirmed that the issue seems to stem from the API via third-party tools.

If you use third-party trade bots, automation tools, portfolio trackers, or portfolio management tools that use Binance API keys you should consider:

* Disabling those accounts either on Binance or the tool itself.

* Disabling “trade” access to the API on Binance, or resetting the key.

* Disabling your API keys on any other exchange that is hooked into the same systems.

* Ensuring your 2FA is enabled, and you are using a strong and unique password.

At this time it does not seem like Binance was directly compromised in any way, but we are still awaiting official comments.

We will try to keep you updated as new information develops.


The popular cryptocurrency exchange binance has suspend all withdraws as of 11:20am EST this morning.

Many users on Twitter and Reddit are reporting the many of their coins have disappeared without any trace.



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