The website was created by a group of young entrepreneurs and writers in a mission to create a friendly and powerful news site for the crypto world. We are a new website in this space but we already receive thousands of views per day on our news articles, a number that keeps getting bigger every day. Our mission is to provide news that are trustworthy and high quality.

Why Advertise With Us?

  • The BlockDaily website receives thousands of daily views from all around the world, a number that keeps on growing every day.
  • Your ads wont be blocked by programs like “Adblock” since they will be inserted into our website as pictures. Making it impossible for such programs to block the ads, which helps you reach all of the users that visit BlockDaily every day.
  • Since we are a new website our prices are lower compared to other sites. Our ad spaces are sold as first come first serve basis.

Ad Spaces and Pricing?

We currently have three ad spots available – a top banner, side banner and article banner.

  1. The top banner being the most expensive option since its always on the header of every page.
  2. The side banner is located in the sidebar of all the articles and pages.
  3. The article banner is usually located in the end of the article.

We also offer sponsored articles on selected categories.

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