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A Warning To Kucoin Users

The Kucoin exchange has been acting strange in the last couple of days. They are not paying bonuses for holding KCS tokens. They are completely silent on the issue and are now banning and removing anyone asking about missing payments.


The exchange is under investigation from the HK SFC. It’s highly likely Kucoin is about to implode.

Their roadmap only goes up until March. It’s also important to note that after this the team members and associated pictures were removed from

Airdrop tokens are not being distributed and ETH withdraws are still pending for 8+ days for users.

The exchange lacks various features even the most basic exchanges possess.

We recommend users to move their coins to a secure wallet until Kucoin releases an explanation of everything that is going wrong with the exchange. Never leave your coins in any exchange.




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  1. So, what stands out to me, is the use of a hotmail account. Wouldn’t you think the SFC would have a corporate exchange account?

    1. The worst is that hotmail dont even exist anymore, all people are using the new microsoft model.

      1. Hotmail is still in use. You cannot register for a hotmail address anymore, but you can still use hotmail. My main email is a

    2. well, the fact it says ‘dear sirs’ should ring an alarm. Sounds like someone from Deli wrote that in their basement.

  2. I think this is just FUD, I was able to remove eth and btc 15 mins ago with no issues. Kucoin is running fine. They do have a hold on NEO coins but they are very up front about that. Just follow their twitter.

  3. The exchange is great, I am still getting paid from my bonus for holding their Token! Please stop FUD!!!

  4. This is FUD, KuCoin transactions have been normally coming through (withdrawals and deposits). Probably just a complaint from one individual (Siu Hau Pok) who lost some crypto and thought the SFC would help him put pressure on KuCoin. When the SFC gets the information they will disregard his complaint probably.